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BUJO Burger Joint

BUJO, an Irish burger joint, was first started in early 2018 by Michael Sheary and culinary director Grannie O’Keefe. Each and every ingredient they use is Irish grown from the beef to the potatoes to the burger buns. BUJO uses all compostable packaging and even operates on renewable electricity. BUJO’s commitment towards sustainability was rewarded last year by the Sustainable Restaurant Association with a three-star rating. BUJO is the only burger restaurant in the UK and Ireland to have received it’s highest award.

BUJO has a wide range of breakfast menus. They serve Cheese toastie, Ham & Cheese toastie, protein boost Egg Box which consists of scrambled egg and chives - completely customizable with extra toppings, Scrambled Egg Sandwich is made up of scrambled egg, smoked crispy bacon, caramelized onion, Molten cheese & smoked ketchup on a bun, Breakfast Sandwich which has sausage patty, fried egg, cheese, bacon, smoked ketchup.

They serve their burgers with secret delicious BUJO sauce and grass-fed beef from Irish family farms char-grilled over the fire to smokey perfection with cheese, pickles. They have perfect hand-cut fries which can be customized as Bacon Cheese Fries or Spicy Fries served with a variety of handmade sauces from Sriracha Mayo, Chipotle Mayo, Garlic Aioli, Smokey Baconnaise. They also have a gluten-free bun option.

For the Vegetarian lovers, BUJO serves you their plant-based patty from Beyond Meat with Bujo sauce, regular cheese, crinkle cut pickles, tomatoes, onion and for all Vegan lovers, they do serve the same burger with vegan cheese, vegan sauce, and vegan bun.

BUJO serves some of the best sides we ever had. Their handmade Panko Pickles and Panko Onions are on our have-to-eat list. BUJO had more than 30 amazing limited edition burger collections from Feisty Meltdown x BUJO to Chilled Guinness x BUJO to Luxurious BUJO- TheVacherin wants more.

BUJO is an ultimate burger joint that caters to the needs of each and every customer. Let it be vegan or gluten-free options on both burgers and sides. It is a must-visit place to eat when you are around Sandymount, even if you are not just going and have some hot scrumptious food you won’t regret traveling.

And Hey! Can’t wait for the new limited edition!!!!! Can you all guess what it can be? We are still trying to figure but we are sure it’s going to be something yum!

Visit them for a quick garb this month at BUJO Burger Joint via

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