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Things to do in Dalkey

Dalkey is a wealthy suburb of Dublin, the south-east of Dun Laoghaire, a seaside resort. It was founded as a Viking settlement and in the Middle Ages, it was an important port. Dalkey is ideal for a day trip to the surrounding communities. It has an abundance of history, adventure, and food and drinks spots. It's the ideal spot to escape from the city and relax a little bit on the coast, just 15km from Dublin. The picturesque Coliemore Harbor is a popular center for activities, with rowing, kayaking, fishing, and island ferries which offer fantastic views of the bay. If you're looking for an adventure, take a five-minute boat trip to Dalkey Island, where there is a Martello Tower, ruins of the cathedral, and wandering rabbits and goats.

Getting There

Irish Rail operates a train every 20 minutes from Grand Canal Dock to Dalkey. Tickets are between €6 and €8 and the ride takes 24 minutes. Additionally, Dublin Bus runs a bus from Leeson Village, stop 2795 to Dalkey Village, stop 3057 five days a week. The journey will take 37 min and costs €3 - € 4. And Taxi will cost anything between 20 € and 25€ and takes 16 minutes to get from Dublin to Dalkey.

Things to do in Dalkey

1) Bulloch Harbour

On the coast of Dalkey, there are numerous small harbors. The largest is Bulloch Harbour; it is a seal sanctuary proclaimed in the north part of Dalkey. There are two companies providing rental boats for fishing, sightseeing, or visiting Dalkey Island, about a kilometer offshore. Crab and lobster are collected when weather permits and mackerel are caught in season. The port looks so dreamy and picturesque because watching boat rock peacefully back and forth in the port basin is really soothing. Directly behind the harbor, there are mighty rocks that remind us that the harbor once was a rugged natural harbor.

2)Dalkey Island

Around 300 meters away from the coastal town of Dalkey, there is an island called Dalkey Island. The island is currently uninhabited, but the human settlement has been documented since the Neolithic period. There are still traces of field systems, a church, a cairn burial, a weapons arsenal, and the Martello Tower. Dalkey Island has a significantly established colony of seals. In the past few years, rabbits and herds of wild goats exist on the island. The best view of the island is from Dillon's Park (or "People's Park" as it is officially called) and Sorrento Park. You can take a boat from Dalkey or Dun Laoghaire if you want to get near to the island which costs around €25 per person.

3) Sorrento Park

The entrances to Sorrento Park on Dalkey's Colliemore Road are more like courtyard entrances, and can easily be observed. This tiny, but the beautiful garden is definitely worth a look – basically an overgrown hill in the village. You will find yourself in another world once you've left the road behind. Nature overlooks the enchanted city, one is recompensed on the mountain in a view that one could not think possible here. This small park provides breathtaking views around and beyond Dalkey Island, which is not especially well-known.

4) Dalkey Castle & Heritage Centre

Dalkey's Castle is situated in the center of Dalkey, a vibrant city with breathtaking views over the sea. Dalkey Castle dates to the 14th-century castle. Live performances can also immerse you in the medieval/Tudor experience where artists play the everyday life of those who would've served in Dalkey Castle in the 15th and 16th centuries. The tours usually last about 25 minutes, every half an hour. This is an excellent choice for children and helps bring this seaside village's rich past to life. In a modern state of the art Heritage Center, you can spend time browsing interactive screens. Why not visit the Writers' Exhibition, where more than 40 writers and artists from Joyce to Beckett to Bono to Bincho take over?

5)Vico Bathing Place

For a wonderful journey on the coast towards Dalkey, here are the Vico Baths. For newbies, it is difficult to find because it's very remote and the access is through a wall gap. The most secluded spot in the area, the most dreamy spot to be rested, and the very best hangover remedy a Dubliner could have asked for. It's rarely busy, boasts a lot of parking, and is only a hop, skips and jump away from the nearest DART Station.

6) 1909 Restaurant & Wine Bar

Whether it’s castles, panoramic scenery, festivals, theatre, markets, and of course, our renowned 1909 Restaurant and Wine Bar you are looking for, Dalkey is the place to visit. 1909 Wine Library is the perfect venue to cater for any occasion. With a seating capacity of 40. Private bar and stage available if needed. For parties larger than 40 you can also reserve the Decanter Room which will give you a further 25 seats. Menus can be tailored to suit your budget by 1909’s Head Chef.

Have you been to Dalkey yet? If no, just go and visit it you won't regret it. Beautiful scenic views, perfect for an Instagram picture. I'd love to hear about your favorite places in Dalkey and around Ireland in the comments below. Check out our more WhereandEverywhere travel blogs just click on the "Travel Blogs"

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