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Howdy! Howth

Howth Harbor is just nine miles from Dublin's center; the village and the peninsula have always retained a clear sense of identity distinct from the region. Howth is where the land meets the sea and provides the most beautiful natural habitats for adventure. Howth is one of Dublin's oldest working harbors with a long tradition and cultural heritage and one of Ireland's most busy fishing ports. A remote coastal town of Howth where the ground meets the sea and provides the best natural scenery for outdoor adventure. Rich in heritage and tradition, Howth is one of Dublin's oldest operating ports, listed as one of Ireland's busiest fishing ports to date. Species to be expected are coalfish, pollack, whiting, dogfish, mackerel, and flatfish.

With spectacular landscapes, great seafood, rich bars, and excellent coastal walks, this village makes for a beautiful day off. This town is now one of Dublin's precious jewels on the tourist trail.

Getting there

Reaching Howth is not rocket science; it can be reached easily by Bus, Rail, or your own vehicle. If you are around City Center in Dublin, the easiest way to commute is by using public transport. You can kick off your journey by bus from Talbot Street, Stop 621, Bus number 31, and it will take you directly to Howth Summit. You will spend around €3-€6 by bus, or if you are a fan of the picturesque view, you can travel by Irish rail starting from Connolly station, which is just 8 mins walk from the City center. You will be splashing out around €6-€8. The frequency of these services is in every 30 minutes. If you want to travel lavishly or with friends you can opt for a taxi which will cost you around €27 - €33. The applications that you can use to book a taxi are FreeNow and Uber.

Things to do in Howth

1) Howth Cliff Walk

Howth Cliff Walk is an easy to medium walk of 6 km – 7 km from the Howth Dart station, along the lovely Howth Harbor and the Howth Peninsula coastline's spectacular cliffs. You can see the view of Ireland's Eye at 1 km north of Howth Harbour, Lambay Island, and even Dublin Bay on this Howth Cliff Walk. The walk is a perfect one to see many birds like razorbills, guillemots, gulls, and fulmars. The Howth Cliff Walk is the perfect Sunday family walk, as it is easy to reach by public transport like the Bray to Greystone Cliff. The Howth Cliff Walk in Dublin's dream cliff walks with scenic views! The Howth cliff walk can be done in 4 different paths. You can choose the one you want to do, depending on your mood and the time. The first one is "green loop (Cliff path loop, 6km)," followed by a "blue loop (Tramline loop walk, 7km)", "red (Black linn loop walk, 8km)" and "purple (Bog of frogs loop walk, 10km)".

However, the path should be avoided in windy or wet weather, as the narrow cliff path can become slippery and windy.

2) Howth Lighthouse

One of the most noticeable attractions is the Howth Lighthouse. However, it is also a landmark for those interested in Irish history to fight for Irish independence, as small signage at the lighthouse tells you. The massive and impressive influence of the building is partly because of the dual function which the lighthouse once served. The historic lighthouse is situated at the harbor's entrance. It was not only a lighthouse but also a sturdy circular wall, with a gun place enclosed. It was founded after Napoleon, and not every tourist was welcomed to the sparkling new haven at that time in history. Indeed, you will find some defensive fortresses from this same period, known as the Martello Towers, scattered around you when you visit Howth Harbor Lighthouse and have a good look around.

3) Ireland's eye

Ireland's Eye is an island off Ireland's East Coast which is situated in the fishing village of Howth in County Dublin.   The island is small (approx. 0,22 square kilometers) and today entirely uninhabited. Ireland's Eye is a major tourist attraction, not far away from the shores. Frequent boats bring tourists to and from the island daily. Although visitors and locals know better than they know the sight of the little rock coming out of the elegant blue waters, the enigmatic island is not recognized very well. For many people searching for terrain, the island has been long considered a destination, ascending only on the eye of Ireland outside of the nesting season, every year from April to July. The landscape of Ireland's Eye is dominated most prominently by a church from the 8th century and a small Martello Tour, which has also been constructed along shorelines over centuries.

The tourist destination of Ireland's Eye, which can be reached from the West Pier in Howth village, is a popular ferry. An Ireland Eye Ferries company provides every day (which means if weather permits) trips to and from the island from 10:30 to 17:00.

4) Howth Market

Howth Market is a consumer market located in Howth Co. village in front of the Dart station that is open from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm every Saturday, Sunday, and Bank Holiday. Dublin, Howth Market was established 9 years ago and grew significantly in the last few years. The market became a consistent fixture along the seafront of Howth, following a significant revamp in the summer of 2013. The Howth Market is a great day out place. It welcomes both locals and tourists, offering an unforgettable experience with various organic items, fruit baked goods, jewels, clothes, antiques, and much more.

A warm and inviting atmosphere with an old-fashioned feel, an open turf-burning fireplace, classic fascinating bric-a-brac memory of the past is just a few of the characteristics of The Bloody Stream, one of the most charming and famous bars in Dublin's north, which is the known for its hospitality. Adding to this beautiful place is the beer garden Mediterranean-style, live music, a broad menu of fresh seafood, and other delicacies each weekend. To know more about The Bloody Stream click on the title above.

Have you been to Howth before? If so, When did you go and which is your go-to place? I'd love to hear in the comments below. Check out our more WhereandEverywhere travel blogs just click on the "Travel Blogs"

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