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5 Simple and Phenomenal walks in Dublin City

From north to south, Dublin is full of tourist attractions to explore. Dublin is planned to walk. The city is relatively flat and has many pedestrian areas. 5 simple and phenomenal walks from Dublin City center have always been accessible to everyone. Local people, you will love rediscovering with the whole family the beauty of the Irish capital. Tourists, these walks are a distinct and perfect way of visiting Dublin and seeing a city that is frequently missed by tour guides.

The streets of Dublin going to wait for you!

St Stephen's Green

Stroll through the peaceful Sanctuary in the heart of Dublin City, St Stephen's Green. Get a picnic lunch from one of the nearby cafés on Grafton Street and find a spot it somewhere in the beautiful park. The park is popular with Dubliners throughout the year so you might need to squeeze yourself through multiple groups such as families, lovers, and persons spreading across the grass on sunny days.

Follow the tree-lined pathways to see historical sculptures, some of which have significant historical importance in Ireland. Tell the kids to keep an eye out for mallard ducks, majestic swans, cunning foxes, and sprightly squirrels, and don't forget to stop by the playground. The hours of operation vary based on the time of day.

The Iveagh Gardens

The Iveagh Gardens is a relatively unknown park and gardens in Dublin City. The glorious Iveagh Gardens is barely 450 meters from St Stephen's Green. The gardens exhibit a wide array of landscape elements.

Take on a beautiful pink garden or get trapped in the yew maze, a replica of Hampton Court Maze in London. Keep an eye out for the lovely rockery, which boasts a softly flowing waterfall featuring rocks from all 32 counties. During the daytime the park is open and dogs should be on the leash.

The Phoenix Park

One of the biggest gardens planned in any European city is Phoenix Park, about twice the size of Central Park New York. It includes 1,750 acres of woodland, walks thru the woods, heritage sites, wildlife protection, 14 km of bike trails, cafes, picnic areas and so much more

The park has been around for a long time, and the people of the Irish capital are delighted about it. The deer herd has been around for centuries. One of the most popular attractions of Dublin, the Phoenix Park Zoo has been there since the 19th century.

St Anne's Park

St Anne is located on the north coast of Dublin, Ireland, between Raheny and Clontarf. The Park, Dublin's second-largest city park is part of the former 202-hectare estate (500 acres) of the family of Guinness, descendants of the famous breweries of Sir Arthur Guinness. A fine collection of trees, world-famous Rose Garden, a playground, park walks, and recreational facilities, including Golf, are some of the features of this park. It is more popular among joggers and runners.

Enter from the Clontarf side and walk around the park, passing through St Anne's Woods, back to the starting point for a scenic 5.8km loop. Order a coffee and a home-baked treat from Olive's Room café, or if you're there on a Saturday, visit the Red Stables Market and spend money on artisan cheese, organic meat, and fresh bread.

National Botanic Gardens & Glasnevin Cemetery Museum

The garden is known for its exquisitely restored and grown glasshouses, in particular, the Turner Curvilinear Range and the Great Palm House, which both have received an Excellence Prize in Conservation Architecture for their quality. The rose garden, alpine yard, pond, rock garden, and

arboretum are all things that visitors can enjoy.

A guided tour will be the best way to explore the cemetery. Each guide is enthusiastic and knowledgeable, revealing Irish history through daily tours. Your guide brings you to a learning time of magic, with a careful balance between sensitivity and fun, and adapts the tour to your areas of interest. Garden admission is free, and free guided tours are available on a Sunday; please note that only guide dogs are allowed in the gardens.


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