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Things to do in Sandymount

Sandymount in Dublin 4, Ireland is a wealthy coastal suburb on the southern side of Dublin. The name of Sandymount in Irish is Dumhach Thrá. Sandymount is situated about 3 and 4 km south-east of the city center of Dublin. The Sandymount is known for its long, brilliant beach, overshadowed by a 19th-century tower designed by Martello for the safety of the shoreline. It is a popular location for fishing, kayaking, and weekend walks overlooking Dublin Bay, even bringing crowds to the Irish Sea for summer swimming. The village has luxury restaurants, eateries, and bistros selling fresh oysters and mussels offshore. If you are a tourist in Dublin and love architecture you should plan your stay at Clayton hotel Sandymount which is one of the most renowned hotels near Sandymount. There are three cricket clubs in the Sandymount district - YMCA, Pembroke, and Railway Union (2020 All Irish Champions) and a number of foreign clubs.

Getting there!

Sandymount can be reached easily by Bus, Rail, or your own vehicle. The two railway stations on the electrified (DART) suburban railway system were initially opened by the Dublin and Kingstown Railways in January 1835 and continue to this day. There are two stations in the area are Sandymount and Sydney Parade. The area is served by the DART Commuter Railway (DART). Bus routes 1, 18, and 47 are accessible. It was formerly served by routes 2, 3 which came to an end and was replaced by route 1 on 12 May 2012.

Things to do in Sandymount

1) Sandymount Strand

Sandymount Strand is a large sandy beach on the east coast of the village of Sandymount in Dublin. Sandymount Beach is a popular walking spot for local residents. There is no more public vehicle access- as cars have occasionally been trapped by the incoming tide. A wide inlet of water that persists even at a low tide is locally known as "Cockle Lake".

2) Sandymount Green

Sandymount Green is a triangular park adjacent to the village. The houses on the south of the green are part of the former Castle of Sandymount and the streets behind it are named after it. The green is surrounded by stores, restaurants, and cafes. Sandymount Green dates back to the early 1800s when it was first railed in and laid out as a local green. In the 1800s, the Corbett family planted horse chestnut trees around the perimeter and Dublin Corporation acquired the green as a public park in the 1960s.

3) Poolbeg Lighthouse Walk

Poolbeg Lighthouse on the Great South Wall (South Bull Wall) where it has been since 1768.   Interestingly enough, it was three miles long when the Great South Wall was constructed. It was the longest wall in the world at the time. A beautiful walk along the coast that will shake off the thickest of the cobwebs in the Poolbeg Lighthouse Path. On the Great South Wall walk, you can find a parking lot right next to the strand. If you search for Sandymount Strand Car Park 1 on Google Maps, it will take you there. It will take roughly 2 hours and 20 minutes to get back and forth. It'll take about 2 hours in total if you cut across the beach (note: check tide times in advance). Due to its length and the fact that you will be pummeled by the wind once you hit the Great South Wall, the Poolbeg Lighthouse walk is challenging.

But if you take a little five-minute detour and order a coffee from Cafe Java in Sandymount, you're going to have a nice caffeine boost to keep you going.

4) The Old Spot

One of the only two gastropubs to be recommended in Dublin by the Michelin Guide "Eating out in pubs" in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020. The Old Spot is a trendy and unavoidable Gastropub that a young and enthusiastic team owns and runs. In a warm and pleasant setting, they offer delicious cuisine, excellent wines, craft beers, custom cocktails, and excellent service reviewed by many visitors.

Join them for Lunch or Dinner this month at The Old Spot.

Book your table online via

BUJO, an Irish burger joint, was first started in early 2018 by Michael Sheary and culinary director Grannie O’Keefe. Each and every ingredient they use is Irish grown from beef to the potatoes to the burger buns. BUJO uses all compostable packaging and even operates on renewable electricity. BUJO’s commitment towards sustainability was rewarded last year by the Sustainable Restaurant Association with a three-star rating. BUJO is the only burger restaurant in the UK and Ireland to have received its highest award. They serve their burgers with secret delicious BUJO sauce and perfect hand-cut fries served with a variety of handmade sauces from Sriracha Mayo, Chipotle Mayo, Garlic Aioli, Smokey Baconnaise.

Visit them for a quick garb this month via

Have you been to Sandymount before? If so, When did you go and which is your favorite place to eat? We love BUJO. Amazing char-grilled burger with a delicious milkshake. I'd love to hear about yours in the comments below. Check out our more WhereandEverywhere travel blogs just click on the "Travel Blogs"

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